Scrap Yarn Jacket

This jacket is made up with a variety of different weight yarns. The initial plan was to use chunky weight. I used what I had, and I did buy some chunky weight yarn.  I did not follow any pattern. The plan is to figure out this jacket and iron out the kinks before making one with the blanket yarn I got.

I started a new one with the blanket yarn. I think it is going to turn out different from what is shown. I am thinking my next jacket is going to be more like a blanket with sleaves. (a Snuggie?)

Overall, I think the sleaves are just a little short and I would have liked it a little longer.

Here is my son also wearing my jacket.

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  1. Very colorful sweaters! AND very importantly, they look warm. ��

  2. What a great idea and I love how it turned out :)

  3. I am so impressed with anyone who can make things without a pattern! Thanks for sharing with Mosaic Monday!


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