Completed Projects With Blanket Yarn


I have never worked with blanket yarn before. I got a skein for Christmas and was wrapping my head around what to make with it.

The first thing I made was a pair of mittens. I had used my mitten pattern, but I had to fudge it a bit, otherwise it would have been too big.

I had also made some balls with the left-over yarn.

I also bought some blanket yarn to make a jacket. I had made a scrap yarn jacket and I used what I learn from that to make this jacket.

Unfortunately, you can see that it is not even, and it is longer on one side.

oh well, it is soft and warm. I will use what I learned from this jacket if I make another one in the future.

So, with the left-over yarn from the jacket, I was able to make this purse. This is the first purse I have made that includes a pocket for my iPhone. I think it is a necessary addition to any purse or bag. Got to have that pocket for my phone.

However, I had failed in this project too.
I did not put the handle on right and it is twisted.  I think I will just go with it for now. Gives it character.

I did find blanket yarn super soft. Next time I get blanket yarn, I think I will actually make a blanket.

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  1. YES to character! All my projects end up having lots!

  2. These are beautiful yarn projects. Mittens are pretty.
    Have a great day!

  3. I wish I still had a kitty - I think it would adore the balls you made! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  4. See what what happens when the creatives juices start flowing. Bravo

    Have a good Monday

    Much love...

  5. It's a good time of year to work on these projects! I love that pretty's perfect just like it is!

  6. Beautiful projects! I love working with blanket yarn.


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