Flora the Reversible Doll

 Meet Flora my reversible doll!

Here is when she is sad (or mad)

Here is when she is happy.
I have seen stuffed animals that reverse to different moods. I have seen the one my granddaughter has and I knew I had to try to recreate it. I did not follow a pattern to make her. Both moods share feet. Each one has its own hands and a different-colored flower on top.  The half that is not going to be displayed is stuffed inside the other half. She is made in one piece. I started out with 6 single crochets in a ring and increased up to 36 stitches. I did 11 more rows without increasing. For the foot row, I did a chain of 4, skipped 5 stitches, did another chain of 4, skipped 4 stitches, and proceeded on to the row. I did 11 more rows of single crochet, after that, I decreased until I was back to six sc. I added feet over the 2 feet holes in the piece and made arms for each mood of the doll and the large flower on top of the head, which I was intending to make a hat that had flower petals on it, like my previous dollThe flower on top of her head is based on this pattern found here. I just made a circle of single crochet up to 24 switches and did rows 5 and 6 of the large flower pattern.

 Maybe, someday, I will write out a proper pattern for her.

So why does she have a flower on her head? because she is part of this month's Sustainable Craft Challenge. This month the theme is flowers. That is why Flora has a flower on her head. I made her using the existing yarn I had in my stash. She will be well-loved among my other "stuffies".

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  1. Flora is very cute and a fun take on the topsy turvy doll I had when I was little (although I think my topsy turvy doll was awake and asleep if I remember right) Your instructions are ample for any experienced crocheter to follow but a proper written out pattern would be good for beginners I guess. This is such an adaptable idea, Flora could be embellished in any number of ways with all sorts of expressions - what fun!

  2. She is so cute. The flower on her head just finishes her off perfectly and gives her character.

  3. How sweet and creative, Julie! I've never seen any crochet item like this before! It's certainly unique! I don't crochet - my mother-in-law tried to teach me many years ago, but I could never pick it up! I admire anyone who does crochet. It's a wonderful technique to know!

  4. How fun and unique is this! Well done! A reversible doll! The flower on her head is a perfect touch!

  5. This is adorable! A double-duty doll; love it! Pinned!

  6. Flora is adorable with her flower hair!


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