Back With Sustainable Craft Challenge

 It has been a few months since I participated in the Sustainable Craft Challenge. This month's theme is nature and I am going to loosely interpret this.

So I picked up this bag free from work, and I wanted to cover up the Telex logo. My thought was to add some crochet flowers and glue them over the logo. I was going to use hot glue, which honestly would have worked just as well. I did have some fabric glue left over from another project and I used that instead.

I was skeptical at first that the fabric glue would work, but so far it worked. The rainbow and flowers are my pattern and here are the links.

So that is it. This bag works well as a small project bag. There is a pocket in the front where I currently keep a set of crochet hooks.

So I hope to keep joining back in the monthly challenges.


  1. Covering up a logo is a great way to give a bag a new look and make it a lot more fun. Good to hear the glue is holding up well, you can always add a few stitches later if needs be.

  2. This is so easy but really makes your bag individual! Great job!

  3. Sweet crocheted flowers make everything better! Love your idea!

  4. Well that's a fun way of covering up unwanted logo, Julie! Your bag looks cute now! I admire anyone who crochets or knits! My mil tried to teach me many, many years ago, but I just couldn't pick it up! Hope to see you next time for our sustainable craft challenge!

  5. It looks great - the crcohet gives your bag a splash of your personality.

  6. I love this idea, and I'm inspired! My daughter is using her backpack from last year, and it's in great condition except for a white scuff mark on the front pocket. I was thinking I could glue on a cute patch to cover it, but I don't have any patches. But I could crochet a flower or rainbow or something to cover up that spot. Such a great idea!


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