Crochet Socks For My Son

I started out on the blog making socks, knit and crochet. I don't do sock as much as I use to, but I still occasionally make them. I also still have a collection of hand made socks.

To my surprise, my son asked if I had a pair he could wear around the house to keep his feet warm. Of I did not. His feet are way bigger than mine. So I set out to make him a pair. I went with what I had in my stash and the easiest and quickest pattern to whip up a pair of sock.

I can not stress this enough, this is my favorite crochet sock pattern EVER. I am glad that this pattern is still active on the internet to share: 
This pattern is written out to fit a women's size eight, so I did have to adjust the number of stiches to accommodate my son's foot. 

The feature about this sock is that it is done with single crochets worked in the back loops with increases and decreases in the middle to form the heal. The downside is that there is a seam to deal with. Once you have the tube of the sock made up, the toe is worked in rounds at the end.

I had Caron Marble Cakes on hand. The one skein was enough to make a pair of socks with some left over.

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