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Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am going to go over some of my latest projects 

First, we will start out with my latest video project, my Lacy Fan Bracelet. I had done this pattern back in 2011. The many re-writes for this pattern because readers found my instructions confusing. Hopefully, now the video will help.

The main reason I was inspired to do this video is that the bracelet made a good cozy for the espresso cups I found at a garage sale. It is for a Pinterest Challenge post that is coming up in a week. So stay tuned.

I finished up the Chevron Net Shawl  I started for its video.

I had upcycled a cute little pesto jar. It is just the linen or moss stitch. 

Speaking of upcycling projects, I made a basket using plastic bags or plarn.  I have also done a much larger basket with handles.

Next, I have my Wavy Shell hat I did with 24/7 cotton yarn. I did a video about the yarn. I was thinking of making a video about the hat.
Finally, I made up this quick flower necklace.

Here are some other videos I have done:

Knitted #short Sleeve Sweater

Snoopy Has a Jacket

Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn

Micheals Yarn Haul

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  1. Julie - I love the bracelet that can double as a cozy! And the fact that it is my favorite color purple is a bonus! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday again!

  2. I sure love the purple. I've made the bracelets and they are cute to wear in the summer!

  3. I love the hat! I've never learned how to knit, though I do crochet cloche hats and I make a lot of afghans, too. Lovely work.


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