Sunday, October 23, 2011

Solomon Knot Mobius Scarf

 I have found myself again being in a mood to make a mobius scarf. I bought Homespun yarn at Michaels, using a 40% off coupon found in every Sunday's paper. I was initially going to make my Mobius Ripple Cowl., but I changed my mind and went with a Solomon Knot. 
I like how this turned out, the colors are gorgeous and the yarn is soft.

So I am going to share on how to make this scarf.
I am going to assume that the user would know how to make the Solomon or Love knot. Go here for instructions, or Google Solomon Knot, several You Tube video's came up in the search results.
Using a J hook and a skein of Homespun yarn.
Make 28 love Solomon knots.
Sc at the beginning knot, *make a Solomon knot, sc in the next knot* repeat until you have reached back to the beginning of the round, however at this point you are not at the beginning, you are only half way through. Make a half twist, by working on the other side of the original 28 knots, continue by repeating between *'s.
When you reach back the beginning you are going to *make a Solomon knot, sc in the next sc* and just keep going until you run out of yarn (which is what I did) or desired length. I finished by making a knot and doing a slip stitch in next sc.


  1. This is so pretty but i dont understand the instructions ��

    1. Have you figured this out hyet, because I don't ubderstand this either.

  2. look up a Solomon knot grab some beads(make sure to string them on BEFORE you start your work.) Looks like this is solomon (or lovers knot)and the lead chain has been turned to make it a mobius scarf.