Baby Jacket

When it comes to making baby jackets, Bevs Baby Jacket Set has been my favorite pattern for years. There are variations in the pattern for preemie to toddler. It also include instructions for a hat and booties. The one set is Mandala Baby in Echo Caves (who thinks of these names?) There is enough in the skein to make a jacket and hat.

FYI, the booties the doll is wearing are my Sneaker Baby Booties

This jacket I used Impeccable from Loops and Threads.  The color is Tropical Storm (another interesting color name). There was only enough in the one skein to make the jacket. I did not have enough for the hat (I tried)

I would like to adapt this to make it fit an adult (a.k.a. fit me) I think I am going to look at my dress for a starting point. 



  1. These are adorable! I love the ombre look!

  2. You're quite talented!
    Thanks for sharing at


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