Two Crochet Scarf Projects Completed

My two scarfs I started in the process of making videos are done. For the one first photo, I used Ferris Wheel yarn.  This was the first time using this yarn and I wasn't sure if the one ball I had would be enough. It turned out to be enough and I am happy with the results. I struggled to come up with a pattern name for this, so I just called it a scarf and shawl pattern. You can find the pattern and video on this blog post. (And in the related post section)

This next scarf was the results of wanting to see if a knitted pattern could be converted into a crocheted version. The knitted pattern was *knit 2, purl 2* repeat ending with knit one (casting on an odd number of stitches).  I tried a crochet version of alternating 2 front post and 2 back post crochet ending with a front post crochet. I am happy how the pattern turned out. I had used Comfy Cotton for this project. You can view the instructions and video in this blog post.

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  1. They are both lovely scarves. I find that Tunisian crochet looks more like knitting, but I like your idea.


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