ASOKO LED Motion Sensor Light

 ASOKO Lighting recently reached out to me to promote their LED Motion Sensor Light on my YouTube Channel.

I was a little hesitant to do this since it has nothing to do with the content of my channel. I did say I would do this since I was flattered that someone to the time to realize I had a channel big enough to consider promoting the product.

I wasn't sure where I was going to mount the light. It is an under-the-cabinet night, but it could be used anywhere a motion sensor light would be useful. I decided to add it to the entrance to my yarn room.  This light is also useful as additional lighting for my videos.
Briefly, what I got in the box are the light, four 3M mounting magnets, a USB charging cable, a 110 plug for the cable, and instructions. The instructions have a QR code to link the instructions on installation. I should not that the instruction YouTube link did not work for me. The installation is not hard. Some things to note. The magnets for mounting the light could only be stuck to a smooth surface, so you could not mount the magnets to anything porus or wallpaper. Once you stick on the magnets, you can't reuse them. It is also recommended to not attach the light for 8 hours to ensure the magnets are stuck.

You can have the light on, off, or in Auto. The auto function is the light coming on in dark settings when it detects motion. There also is a button that adjusts how bright or dim you want the light. I will show that in the video.

So far I am happy with where I put the light, it lights up the room as I walk in. The only downside is that when I go to turn on the light, I am briefly blinded by the light. I will have to remember not to look into the light. I have not tried out the light yet on any videos. Time will tell if that will be useful.

So check out the video for more info about the light and a code for 15% off in the video description.

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