Mobius Fidget Toy Around a Hairband

 Here is my second Mobius fidget toy that I made around a hair band. I made this one around a hairband.

Your favorite size 3-5 weight yarn. Hook size to match well with the yarn. I used a size I

Foundation row: Slip stitch around the hairband, ch 2, do 25 dc's around the hair band, don't join yet,

orientate the dc's so that the bottoms are on top and do 25 more dc's around the hairband between the existing dc's. then join with the first dc. This will create the twist you need.  If this is confusing, refer to the video tutorial. (50 dcs)

Row 1: The hard part is over! ch 2 (does not count as dc) 2 dc in each dc, join with the first dc.

Repeat row one 1 more time, then finish off.

Some notes:

If you don't have a hairband, then chain 25, join with the first chain, ch 2, dc in each stitch, then work a dc on the other side of the foundation chain, or just work around the ring like you would do with the hairband.

You could do a few more dc's for the foundation row, it doesn't exactly need to be 25 (50)

Here is the video to help you out.

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