Freddy The Fidget Friend

 The story behind this is that I wanted to make a simple frog. I was trying to figure out how to make the eyes when I just decided to make another fidget toy. I used the chenille yarn I had on hand. But for the video tutorial, I used acrylic yarn so it was easier to see the stitches.

I think Freddy turned out to be really cute! 


Chenille yarn or any worsted-weight (size 4) weigh yarn

Size G hook


yarn needle

stitch marker.


Ch 10.

Foundation row: 3 sc in the second chain from hook, sc in the next 7 chains, 3 sc in the last ch, working on the other side of the foundation chain, sc in the next 7 stitches, do not join. (20 sc)

Working in continuous rounds.

Rows 1-12: SC in each stitch around. 

sc to one of the sides of the projects.

Before closing off the top and making the curly hair sew on some facial features and add stuffing to your doll.

To add on the curly hair:

Line up the front and back 10 sc of the top of the head. 

Insert your hook in the front and back sc's to close the top:

Row 1: sc2tog, sc in the next 6 sc, sc2tog

Row 2 and 3: 3 sc in every sc.

To add the arms

You can do this two ways. Make the arms and sew them on later, or make the arm on the doll. The video shows the arms and legs made on the doll.

To make the arms to sew them on later:

Make 2

Chain 7, 3 sc in the second chain from the hook, 3 sc in each chain across

For the legs:

Make 2

Chain 11, 3 sc in the second chain from the hook, 3 sc in each chain across

Sew on arms and legs.

Hope you check out the video.

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