10 Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

I thought I would do a blog post with all of my Dishcloth Patterns.

First up, the one I just did a video on:

Textured Dish Cloth Pattern (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

 Crocheted Windmill:

Crocheted Windmill Dishcloth (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Domino Dishcloth:

Pattern for Domino Dishcloth (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Scrubby Dishcloth:

Scrubby Dishcloth Pattern (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Bumpy Dishcloth:

Bumpy Dishcloth (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Bumpy Circular Dishcloth:

Bumpy Circular Dishcloth (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Though not technically a dish cloth, you will use a scrubbie in the sink:

Scrubbies (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Domino Textured Dishcloth:

Textured Dishcloth (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Pie Dishcloths:

Pie Dishcloths (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

Twin Peak Dishcloth:

Twin Peak Dishcloth Pattern (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)

To my surprise, I don't have any knitted dishcloth patterns, I may have to come up with some knitted patterns.

Check out all of my free patterns:

FREE Crochet and Knitting Patterns (treasuresmadefromyarn.com)


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