Fidget Pop-It Crochet Flower

Are you ready to take your fidgeting game to the next level? Look no further! Our brand-new Poppy Flower Fidgeter combines playfulness with functionality. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Center of Attention: The heart of this toy is the popping part, strategically placed at the center of the flower. Satisfyingly press it to relieve stress and keep your hands busy.

  2. Outer Petals, Endless Fidgeting: The outer end of the flower is designed for fidgeting. Twist, turn, and explore—it’s your personal fidget oasis.

  3. Customizable Height: Want a taller middle part? No problem! Adjust it to your preferred height for the perfect fidget experience.

Let's get started on making your very own fidget flower!


Size 4 worsted weight yarn

Size F hook

Stitch marker


Yarn needles

Work in continuous rounds, mark the first stitch of the round with a stitch marker.

Round 1: 8sc in a magic ring

Round 2- 3(4):  8 sc

Round 4-6 (5-7):  2 sc in each stitch

Last round: *sc in the next stitch, ch 3* repeat around, join with first sc, and finish off.

Check out the video tutorial:

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